CR-263: Personal Energy and Vibration Holds Great Power

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CR-80: The Miracle Of Right Thought-Chapter Two

34.51 minutes: Cieloscent Book Club- We are up to chapter Two-

The Miracle Of Right Thought
Orison Swett Marden
1910   (Found in the public domain)

We are up to chapter Two.  It’s so important to be “mindful” of what you constantly think about.  In this chapter we learn what I refer to as  “mind management”.  Thanks for joining me today! Enjoy!

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CR-70: Music, Medicine And The Brain

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CR-50: Married At First Sight: A Social Experiment

(14 min) Would You Marry someone that you have never met?  We are following three couples who have done just that….married at first sight! Bravo on their courage in stepping outside of their comfort zone in search of love! I find this an interesting study and I just love watching how all three relationships evolve  each week! We can learn a bit about ourselves in the process of these three brave couples. Tonight Dr. Logan Levkoff (sexologist) meets with all three couples.

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