CR-35: A Mental Massage-ASMR Movement

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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response:  “whisper chills” Yes, people whispering. A growing community with an interesting new concept.  Listen to our podcast for complete message.  They are true artists and although this movement may seem somewhat  like “twilight zone”  the videos are quite relaxing.  You get a variety of different scenarios that can trigger those “feel good” goosebumps.  As a harpist, I truly enjoy the sound of the plucking of a harp string.  The ASMR Artist is fascinated with sounds that can serve as triggers.  Triggers are an individual “thing” so the artist brings in new material to his/her video.

Can you become addicted to ASMR?  In my opinion,  yes it can be for the artist.  The ASMR artist can also “poop” out pretty quickly creating videos as it seems to be a long process.  It can take weeks or months to produce a video which is very time consuming. Living life outside of the whisper is important too but I also “get’ the benefits of the  peace and quiet this may bring.

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