CR-335: The Elves And The Shoemaker on Cieloscent Audio Bookclub

Reading Fairy talesby Grimm’s Fairy Tales-Found in the public Domain.




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CR-322: How The Raja’s Son Won The Princess Labam

Indian Fairy Tales:  Selected & Edited By Joseph Jacobs.


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CR-254: Quitting Social Media?

Do you need to quit social media or simply set boundaries?  On this episode, Cieloscent shares a few tips and social media experience.  Thank you for listening!


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CR-250: Don’t Waste your Life!

On today’sand oceans episode, Cieloscent shares her thoughts on stepping back from social media, re-setting your life priorities and starting over.


CR-232: Today’s Quote Inspired by Plato


“The Becropped-cropped-P-2-0271.jpgginning is the most important part of the work”   Plato

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CR-222: Tools That Help You Set Your NEW YEAR Intentions

On thicropped-P-2-0271.jpgs episode:  Journal, how to create a Vision Board, Les Brown, learning  something new every year, your legacy, gratitude, friendship, digital recording & reflecting upon the past year.






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CR-181: Healing, Creativity & Expression Through Podcasting! Listener Question

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CR-172: Success, Love, & Marriage Affirmations

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CR-166: Your Word Is Your Wand.

Chapter One:  By Florence shovel shinn- Your Word Is Your Wand.  Read by Cieloscent

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CR-162: Denials and Affirmations

Chapter 10:  Denials and Affirmations by Florence Scovel Shinn. Read by  Cieloscent.