CR7: Life Transformation -Part 3

Finances-Organize and set plan if you carry a credit card debt. If you need to get an extra job or sell via internet set that up too.

Work-If you are looking for a new job then partner with professionals that can help market your skills.   Attend workshops and listen to lectures.  Join networking groups.  Each day take a look on line for new job opportunities. Back to school? Plan and keep a part time job so you keep the money flow moving towards you.

Learn something new-this is so important for many reasons but mostly because it gives you additional sources of income..

Remove the toxicity within your social circle.  People are never to be discarded but if someone doesn’t  share the same or similar  page then distance yourself.

Clear the clutter from your head too!

Health-Eat a clean diet and exercise.  Health Insurance

Tools-Vision board, keep a journal, listen to self development programs etc. 

Welcome to Cieloscent Radio!  This is Cieloscent your host and in this program you will  find quotes and messages that inspire and empower. We  all set the tone of our day  by our thoughts and the words that we choose to use.
Let’s  harness that power and use it as a positive energy source to fuel us in all of our endeavors.  Join me right now and let’s begin the day with a positive mindset!

Thank you for joining me today.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, poems, or articles that inspire.  You may share your name or remain anonymous.



Smiles, love and a big hug!





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