CR6- A Life Transformation-Steps 2

Spiritual life: We spoke about the importance in grounding ourselves through our spiritual life.  Gratitude is important for movement.  This is where you connect or reconnect with your life source.  You are a co creator and you partner with this beautiful light source which for me is  God.  This is the place you call home-you pray, meditate, dream and find yourself.  What do you want? Dream and see it here first. This is also a place to forgive. Who are you?   You gotta know who you are before you proceed on this new journey. Write your mission statement here so you are clear in what matters to you. You just cannot move on without knowing who you really are and what you want to bring to life’s table. Read everything that inspires you! Do all this everyday. In Starting over choose to keep the blessings from the past and let the rest go.  Let go and Let God-

Step 2-Physical life

This is the nitty-gritty-get to work-  part of it all. Come out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to try something new. Hey! It’s okay to fall every now and then.  -Ask for help in the areas that you need it.  It’s really okay to ask for help.

Tend to each compartment of your life and organize.  EACH day make small deposits into these compartments of your life.  All these compartments are vital to your life functioning smoothly.

1.  De clutter your space:  You  can’t think Straight through  the clutter. This also helps you get “unstuck” from life’s challenges.

How to declutter: Inch by inch and it really isn’t a cinch! It’s hard work so take your time.  I decluttered and it took me close to 6 months but I spread the work out throughout 2014.

Set out three large Tupperware storage bins. Empty them out each week.  Do this room per room.

1.  tithing or  giving away to friends and family.

2. selling

3. Throw away

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Let’s  harness that power and use it as a positive energy source to fuel us in all of our endeavors.  Join me right now and let’s begin the day with a positive mindset!

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