CR4- We were created to empower one another.

We are all interconnected in one way or another.  We were not born to go through this life all by our lonesome.  Our body, mind and soul craves companionship, touch, communication and love.  We need one another even if you say you don’t need anyone or believe in love. The greatest empowerment can be found in our older community like the inspiring conversations from our grandparents. Listen well  and store those precious life stories into your mental file.  When life challenges knocks on your door you’ll be able to put your ancestor’s experience to work in your own life.   You see, we learn from history and it’s a good thing because history tends to repeat itself, my friend.  We either become old fools who refuse to listen to anyone or remain quiet and listen to what is being said.  Wisdom teaches us to listen and this very act expands our world and empowers another.

Welcome to Cieloscent Radio!  This is Cieloscent your host and in this program you will  find quotes and messages that inspire and empower. We  all set the tone of our day  by our thoughts and the words that we choose to use.
Let’s  harness that power and use it as a positive energy source to fuel us in all of our endeavors.  Join me right now and let’s begin the day with a positive mindset!

Thank you for joining me today.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, poems, or articles that inspire.  You may share your name or remain anonymous.




Be well & happy



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