CR-51: How To Deal With A Gossip.

Have a safe and happy Memorial day!  Today’s Podcast: How To Deal With A Gossip

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You can find the New York Times article on GOSSIP : The Dirt on Dirt /May 21, 2015



2 thoughts on “CR-51: How To Deal With A Gossip.”

  1. Hi Cieloscent you are 100 percent correct I must agree with you about gossiping people me myself I don’t have the time or the place for that I love your kind words of wisdom from your friend on the other side of the world Love you girl…. Sylvia

    1. Thank you Dear Sylvia-Words are powerful and they can either build someone up or tear them down. In this life what we sow “we” truly do reap. Life is a “boomerang”. Thank you, my friend. By the way, I have completed your prayer beads just for you and are scheduled for shipment (certified mail) tomorrow-5-28-2015. May they always be a blessing to you, Sylvia. Your kindness and participation has been valuable. I’m sure we will chat soon. Have a beautiful day! smiles, hugs and love, cielosent-

      P.S.Tell me what subject(s) you would like me to address on this cieloscent radio podcast? thanks!

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