CR-254: Quitting Social Media?

Do you need to quit social media or simply set boundaries?  On this episode, Cieloscent shares a few tips and social media experience.  Thank you for listening!


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4 thoughts on “CR-254: Quitting Social Media?”

  1. You will be missed Cieloscent on Twitter. I respect your decision though. Thank you so much for everything! Take care and God bless you always ❤

    1. Hi Kerri! So happy to see you here! A Lovely surprise. Thank you so much for taking time out to say hello and for listening to this episode! Yes, it’s true I’ve walked away from social media but didn’t walk away from the community. Not at all, I expect that you’ll be checking in with me as we did on social media. I’ve known most of you for years now. We know each other for several years now too. Ofcourse, I read your blog so I hope you’ll be adding more soon.I received messages by many listeners who have been with me for years but we had never dialogued. They thought I was ending podcast, again not at all. On a personal note, there was also a challenge in our family that needed my attention as well. Life sometimes has us re-shift certain things in our life and that issue also was part of the mix. As you know, I’ve been backing away from certain parts of my digital life this past year in order to minimize and social media was my choice to eliminate. I love to chat with the community so I hope that you don’t become a stranger and you come to chat with us on all three podcasts! Thank you for always sharing this community and for your kind words. I divorced social media NOT my wonderful community. I love you all and you dear Kerri have been part of this community for years and I thank you!! Well, I expect to chat with you soon! In the meantime, have a great week!

      Sending hugs & smiles your way! May God Bless you with great joy, peace and love always,Kerri!

        1. Hi Helena! So happy to hear from you! I miss you too! Yes, dear heart all is well -I wish the same for you. We’ve created a private account for our community for anyone who wishes to chat. The account is for chats and to share our latest podcasts from all three platforms. We’ll place link on all of our websites! Check out Cieloscent Rosary Community chat/contact section!

          Hope to see you there, girl! Miss our conversations!

          Sending hugs and smiles your way! Looking forward to chatting again!!!

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