CR 14 : I don’t Know Where I Belong.

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“Not Fitting in just means you’re in the wrong place”.  “It takes seasons of NOT fitting in to discover where you really DO fit.”

I spoke to a friend of mine who shared with me her feelings of not  “fitting in” her life.  We have all felt that way at one time or another as a result of  a loss of some kind.  When our lives suddenly change from what is familiar to us then we begin to feel out-of-place which is normal.  In order to find a new space that we call our own in this life we need to take certain steps to get there.  The first step is to get out of our comfort zone.  We are all creatures of habit and taking that one baby step seems to rattle our world.  Life challenges can sometimes leave us feeling alone and out of place but we all have within us our very own defense mechanism to realign us.  Don’t stay stuck become the engine that propels you forward. Lead yourself to a new and better place from where you find yourself today. Listen to my show for suggestions on how to get started. Press the link above for the complete message. Thanks for listening.

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