CR-241: Quote For The Day-About Self-Care

cropped-20170716_1530181.jpgLetting Toxic People Go Is Not An Act Of Cruelty. It’s An Act Of Self-Care”.

I found this quote on Pinterest and the quote is from- Healthy

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them”.

Dr. Maya Angelou


CR-238: Rewire Your Brain

Cieloscent Rcropped-cropped-blogtest.pngecommendation for those of you joining me in our digital detox. This is a fabulous Ted Talk with Tania Mulry, “Need a Digital Detox?”. One of the best presentations in mastering technology! Here is one of my favorite podcast, “Note to self” that spoke about privacy & digital life.


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CR-237: YOU ARE ENOUGH! A Wonderful Guest Presentation About Change!

LighthouseI AM ENOUGH! Thanks to my dear friend, Joanna for sharing her story. May you be inspired to make the changes that are overdue in your life.  We are women of empowerment and we help each other climb out of the darkness into the light! Stop giving your power away instead use it to rebuild your life.


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CR-236: Cieloscent shares what’s on her mind.

cropped-cropped-P-2-0271.jpgCieloscent shares a conversation with a gentleman that doesn’t engage in digital life. Cieloscent Radio is part of Cieloscent Talk Network : All Podcasts


CR-234: Today’s Quote Inspired By Leo Buscaglia

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