CR 19 : How to create a home sanctuary step By step

1.  Visual:   Place pictures on the wall that call to you either photography or artwork.  Consider plants to clean the air or  add flowers to bring in nature and beauty to your home. A fish tank adds a relaxing feeling. De-clutter your space and maintain a clean home.

2.  Smell:  Scent your home with your favorite essential oil such as orange or lavender.  Boil a pot of water/reduce heat and throw in a couple of cinnamon sticks and simmer.

3. Sound/audible:  Surround yourself with sound that lifts your energy/mood.

4. Tactile:  Place and invest in the most comfortable bedding.  Don’t include a television in your bedroom. The bedroom should be the most serene/peaceful place in your house.  Include a prayer/meditation area within your bedroom.

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